GT Sport Daily Races 29 November: Interlagos always delivers

It's Monday, which means a new batch of GT Sport Daily Races has hit everyone's favourite driving simulator.

While the hype for Gran Turismo 7 continues to grow, GT Sport is still delivering great racing for its players.

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Let's see what is in store this week!

Race A

Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Center - 5 laps

The first race of the week takes us around the short course of Lago Maggiore in a specially provided car.

gt sport maggiore
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This race will be a 12-car grid that gets going from a grid start on the Sports Hard tyres with no fuel consumption or tyre wear. You'll also have real off-course traction loss to deal with and a weak slipstream which will make overtaking a bit trickier.

Race B

Tokyo Expressway - East Inner Loop - 4 laps

The second race is another short course variant, this time of the Tokyo Expressway. With one enormous straight you'll want to pick a Gr.3 car with good top speed to make the most of it.

Gran Turismo Sport tokyo expressway
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HITTING THE HIGHWAY: With a huge straight on this layout you'll need something with a bit of oomph

The race is a 16-car rolling start on the Racing Medium tyre. There is no tyre wear or fuel consumption to be worried about and there is both real off-course traction reduction and real slipstream.

Race C

Interlagos - 14 laps

This one should be an amazing race. We've got 14 laps of Interlagos to contend with, including a mandatory pitstop.

Gran Turismo Sport Interlagos 01
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LEGENDARY CIRCUIT: Interlagos never fails to provide a good race

This race is run in a specific garage car and you'll need to complete stints on the Racing Medium & Hard tyres. There is 8x tyre wear to worry about, along with 2x fuel consumption. There will also be the chaos of a 20-car grid start and the real off-track traction reduction and slipstream. Good luck!

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