GT Sport Daily Races 7 February: Hybrid racing

A new week brings a new set of GT Sport Daily Races

Drivers are off to a trio of beautiful destinations this week, but only need to take two cars with them. As ever, Race A will drop you into a vehicle that not many drivers will be familiar with.

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We've only got four weeks until Gran Turismo 7 arrives, so get winning before we retire GT Sport!

Race A

Laguna Seca - 4 laps

The first race of the week takes us to the iconic Laguna Seca for a four-lap race in the Honda FIT Hybrid '14. This isn't a traditional car for flying through the corkscrew!

GT Sport Laguna Seca
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NOT EVERYONE'S CUP OF TEA: Laguna Seca is a tricky track to master

The race features a 12-car grid start and will be on the Sports Hard tyres with no fuel consumption or tyre wear. There is also a weak slipstream and low off-course traction loss.

Race B

Sardegna - Road Track B II - 5 laps

The next race takes us to Sardegna for five laps in Gr.3 cars.

GT Sport Sardegna
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ROLLING HILLS: Don't get distracted by the beautiful surroundings

The 16-car grid has a rolling start and will be on the Racing Medium tyre.

There is no fuel consumption or tyre wear, and real slipstream and off-course traction loss.

Race C

Circuit de Barcelona-Cataluyna - GP layout - 10 laps

The final race is a Gr.4 battle around the Spanish Grand Prix circuit. the 20-car field will use a rolling start with only the Racing Hard tyres allowed. However, there is still one mandatory pitstop.

spanish GP GT sport
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PIT STRAIGHT: The best chance for overtaking is getting a good exit from the last corner and slipstreaming past

There is normal fuel consumption and 2x tyre wear, along with real slipstream and off-course traction loss.

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