GT Sport Daily Races: Red Bull Ring, Sardegna, Golf GTI & more!

A new week means one thing for fans of Gran Turismo Sport, new Daily Races to get stuck into. This week also sees the arrival of the surprise GT Sport update.

This week, there's some exciting European variety to the racing, for both the tracks and the cars.

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So, let's take a look at where, and what, you'll be racing this week in GT Sport!

Race A

Race A is the curveball race this week, and it'll be easy to see why when you see what cars you'll be using.

GT Sport Sardegna
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SCENERY: Sardegna is a beautiful GT Sport track!

The race provides you with a choice of hot hatches; Citroen DS3, Peugeot 208 GTI, Renault Sport Clio RS220, and the Volkswagen Golf VII GTI.

You'll be using them at Sardegna Road Track C for 6 laps, where you'll be on Sports Medium tyres and kicking off your race in a surprise grid start.

Race B

This next race sees you in something a little more familiar, which is a Gr. 3 car of your choice. This is just GT Sport's version of real-life GT3 vehicles.

GT Sport Gr. 3 3
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GROUP 3: Group 3 races often end up looking a little like this...

You'll be racing at the Dragon Trail Gardens circuit, which is a bit of a fan-favourite.

You'll be here for 5 laps, and you'll be on Racing Medium tyres following a rolling start.

Race C

Finally, Race C is this week's all-out racing affair, as you'll be using a Gr. 2 garage car of your own. Given the nature of this category, it's very likely that this will be a Lexus vs Nissan 2016 affair.

GT Sport Gr 2
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SUPER GT: These Group 2 vehicles have some serious speed!

You'll be at the Red Bull Ring for 13 laps. You must also use two tyre types, which makes one stop mandatory. These are Racing Hard and Racing Medium tyres.

The tyre use is set at 10x and the fuel use is at 2x. Finally, you'll start this race as a rolling start.

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