GT Sport Time Trials: Lancia Stratos, Autodrome Lago Maggiore & more!

Once every two weeks, GT Sport players are met with an update double whammy.

That's right, today marks the arrival of new Time Trial races for us to tackle in-game.

As Spa leaves us, we're met with two exciting new Trials to try and get to grips with. Let's take a look at them now!

Time Trial 1

The first new time trial added to the game sees you using your very own Lancia Stratos 1974. That's right, your own, as this is not a provided car.

GT Sport Autodrome Lago Maggiore
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GET RACING: This time you're at Lago Maggiore in Time Trial 1!

The track is Autodrome Lago Maggiore, racing on the Center variant of the circuit. You'll be racing here on Sport Hard tyres.

Settings are fixed, and BOP is turned on, so don't worry about needing a special setup to hit some nice times!

Time Trial 2

Your next time trial is a more typical affair, but just as exciting. This time you'll be at the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife, so expect a long lap!

GT Sport Nurburgring 1
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NORDSCHLEIFE: The Nurburgring is an incredibly complex circuit!

You'll be here in any Gr.3 garage car. Once again, this requires you to own the vehicle that you want to use for the time trial.

This time, you'll be on the Racing Hard tyres, with BOP once again turned on. However, this time, setting are adjustable. So, make sure to grab a vehicle and setup that's made for some big speed down that Dottinger Hohe straight.

Daily Races

There are also new daily races this week as well, as per usual.

GT Sport Sardegna
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SARDEGNA: This is where you'll be racing your hot hatches!

These are an interesting mix this week, as we have two different ends of the racing spectrum. At one end we have the Citroen DS3 and some other EU hot hatches.

However, at the other end, we the Red Bull Ring in some Gr. 2 racing beasts. Polyphony Digital sure do like to keep us on our toes with these updates, don't they?

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