GT7 Daily Races 13 March: Winning Formula

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GT7 Daily Races 13 March: Winning Formula
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It’s a new week, and for GT7 players that means a new set of Daily Races to tackle in Sport mode.

The GT7 Daily Races 13 March events take us to a variety of locations, culminating in a high-speed race in the SF19 Super Formula to get you in the mood for this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.


What else can players expect in GT7 Daily Races 13 March? Let’s find out.

Race A

High Speed Ring – 3 laps

The first race takes us to High Speed Ring for a three-lap race in the humble Fiat 500 1.2 8v Lounge SS ’08 with 12 cars on the grid.

GT7 Daily Races 13 March Race A

You’ll be racing on Sports Soft tyres with 1x fuel consumption and 1x tyre wear. There’s also light mechanical damage and high-speed BoP is applied.

Light shortcut penalties are enabled as well as pit lane cutting penalties and collision penalties.

Race B

Autodrome Lago Maggiore – East Reverse – 5 laps

Race B takes place in Autodrome Lago Maggiore – East Reverse. It’s a classic setup, featuring a five-lap race in GR.3 cars on Racing Hard, Intermediate or Wet tyres. There’s 1x fuel usage and 1x tyre wear, while low-speed BoP tuning is enabled.

GT7 Daily Races 13 March Race B

There’s also light mechanical damage, light shortcut penalties, pit lane cutting penalties, and collision penalties. 


Race C

Suzuka – 10 laps

The final race is a ten-lap event at Suzuka in the SF19 Super Formula / Toyota ’19 or SF19 Super Formula / Honda ’19. This is a 16-car grid with a grid start and false-start check and 2x fuel consumption. 


You’ll need to keep an eye on the condition of your tyres because there’s 7x tyre wear. Racing Medium, Racing Soft, Intermediate, and Wet tyres are available, but you’ll need to change to Racing Mediums or Racing Softs. Nitrous is also required and mid-speed BoP is applied to all cars.