How long is Gran Turismo Sport?

Many people have turned to Gran Turismo Sport whilst they wait for the launch of the Gran Turismo 7, and it’s easy to see why.

The game has a plethora of cars, tracks, and ways for people to play.

The game is packed full of content and races for drivers to complete. Just how long does it take to complete Gran Turismo Sport?

How long is Gran Turismo Sport?

One of the first things to take into account is the fact that there are a number of ways to complete the game. Some people simply want to complete every race, whereas others think completing a game means achieving every trophy.

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If you're looking to earn every single trophy in the game, then chances are you'll be sinking well over 100 hours into the game. In fact, some people are even saying that it's taken them well over 150 to complete every trophy!

To simply complete the main story, the average completion time is around 22 hours. However, many players don't see this as enough, and choose to finish the various extras that the game comes with.

This rounds up the completion time to just under 54 hours. We think this is a good amount of time if you're looking to sink some hours into a new game!

Gran Turismo 7

The arrival of Gran Turismo 7 is still on the horizon, although it was recently announced that the release of the game will be delayed until 2022.

So for now, let’s enjoy the announcement trailer from last year and cross our fingers that the game is with us soon!

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