How to adjust fuel map Gran Turismo 7

Endurance races are some of the most challenging events in Gran Turismo 7. There's an extra element of strategy because you need to monitor your fuel consumption to succeed.

One way of reducing your fuel consumption is adjusting your fuel map setting mid-race. We've got all the info you need to show you how to adjust the fuel map in Gran Turismo 7!

Change fuel consumption

You won’t need to worry about fuel consumption in most GT7 events. Endurance races are the only campaign events that let you change the fuel consumption rate. If, however, you want to see how it works earlier in the game, you can set up a custom race with fuel consumption.

Gran Turismo 7 fuel consumption settings
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GT7 lets you increase the fuel consumption rate

To set up an event, use the d-pad or left analogue stick to navigate to World Circuits on the GT World Map and press Cross. Select a circuit and then navigate to Custom Race. Before starting an event, go to the Custom Settings tab.

You’ll then see an option for Fuel Consumption Rate on the right of the menu. Selecting it will enable you to change set the fuel consumption by moving a slider. By default, the Fuel Consumption is set to 1X, but moving the slider right will make your car consume fuel faster. Moving the slider all the way left switches fuel consumption off.

How to adjust fuel map Gran Turismo 7

Before you can adjust the fuel map, you need to buy and install a Fully Customisable Computer. This tuning part can be bought at the Tuning Shop for 4,500 credits, giving you more control over the engine.

Gran Turismo 7 adjust fuel map
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A higher fuel map reduces the engine output and improves fuel consumption

During a race, press right on the d-pad to cycle through the different multi-function displays until you see the fuel settings.

Pressing up and down on the d-pad adjusts the fuel map from 1-5. By default, Fuel Map is set to Power (1). Higher numbers reduce the engine output and improve fuel consumption.

Once the fuel map is set, the MFD estimates how many laps you can run on the selected fuel setting.

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