How to change car colour in Gran Turismo 7

Whether you like humble hatchbacks, high-performance supercars, or thoroughbred race cars, Gran Turismo 7 has a massive car list with something for everyone. If, however, you want to change your car’s appearance and add your own personal touch, GT7 has an abundance of customisation options.

This allows you to create some unique designs that can be shared with the community. But what if you just want to change your car colour? Here’s how to change car colour in Gran Turismo 7.

Brand Central

There are multiple ways to change the colour of your car in GT7. The easiest way to change your car colour is by visiting Brand Central. You’ll need to unlock this location first, but this is easy to do. Brand Central is unlocked after you complete Menu Book 4 at the GT Café. All you have to do is finish in the top three at the High Speed Ring Track Day event.

Gran Turismo 7 Toyota GR86 paint selector in Brand Central
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You can choose from a limited selection of colours when buying a new car in Brand Central

When buying a car at a dealership, a colour picker will pop up before you buy it. This is limited to official manufacturer colours, however. If you want to colour your car in a different finish, you can create your own custom design using the Livery Editor. However, you can’t change the colour of used or gift cars until you unlock the GT Auto shop.

How to change car colour in Gran Turismo 7 Livery Editor

To unlock the GT Auto Shop, you need to complete Menu Book 7 at the GT Café. This Menu Book requires you to collect a Mini Cooper S, Abarth 500, and Volkswagen Polo GTI. These cars are awarded as gift cars for completing the required races in the Menu Book, or you can buy them with credits.

Gran Turismo 7 GT Auto shop car customisation screen
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More extensive colour options can be found at the GT Auto shop.

Then select the car you want to customise from your Garage and head over to the GT Auto Shop on the World Map. Once you’re in the GT Auto Shop, select the Customise Cars tab and choose Paint Colour.

Here, you can choose from thousands of colours, from authentic manufacturer car paints to custom shades and finishes created by Polyphony Digital. Manufacturer colours need to be purchased can be filtered by Colour, Texture, and Manufacturer.

Gran Turismo 7 GT Auto shop real car paints
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There are thousands of real car paints to choose from at the GT Auto shop.

Prices for real car paints cost 4,000 credits each, while paint types include metallic, matte, carbon, and many more.

Once you’ve selected the colour you like, go back to the GT Auto main menu and select Livery Editor > Paint. Here, you can paint either the body or wheels. Colours bought from GT Auto appear in the Special Colours option, or you can create your own custom colour using the Colour Palette.

Gran Turismo 7 Livery Editor colour picker
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Not enough standard colour choices for you? Create your own in the Livery Editor!

Here, you’ll find a selection of preset colours or you can create your own using the Colour Picker, which allows you to select a Gradient, enter the HSV values, and choose a Paint Type. Three Paint Types are available: Solid, Metallic, or Pearl.

Once you’re happy with the colour, you can apply it to either the whole body or specific parts such as the bonnet, side mirrors, and doors, as well as the wheels. Unfortunately, you can’t apply Carbon paints to individual parts if you want to add carbon-fiber accents.

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