How to change Gran Turismo Sport split screen options

Gran Turismo Sport gives you the option of playing two player split-screen against the person sitting next to you. This fun mode has been a part of GT since the early days, but how do you change your settings for this in GT Sport?

We've got the guide you need to alter those preferences right here!


GT Sport's home menu can be a confusing place to navigate for the first-time user. To edit your split screen settings, you have to first go into a split screen game. To do this, you need to go to Arcade, then 2P Split Screen.

Gran Turismo Sport split screen options
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You then select a circuit to race on and then a time of the day. For the purpose of this tutorial, it doesn't matter what you select. Next, you select a car, colour and transmission. Again, it doesn't matter what you choose.

Please note that you need to have a second controller connected to your PS4 to change these settings. If you don't have a second controller pad, it doesn't matter, because you won't be able to play split screen anyway.

Gran Turismo Sport split screen options 2
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After the game has loaded, you then go into Driver Options, which is shown by the settings wheel with the number one next to it. If you're wanting to change the options for Player 2, go to the cog with the two next to it.

Gran Turismo Sport split screen options 3
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From here, you can alter not only what tyres, transmission and traction control settings your car has, but also the "Driver Assistance" you'll have available to you. This includes everything from automatic brakes, to Active Stability Management (ASM) to even a low fuel light.

Have a play around with these settings and see what works best for you.

This is also an excellent way to level the playing field for a race. For example, if Player 1 is better than Player 2, you can turn off some assists for Player 1 but leave them on for Player 2.

Gran Turismo 7

Unfortunately for us, as fans of the franchise, our beloved GT7 has been delayed again!

gran turismo 7
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With the game now launching in 2022 rather than this year, we have plenty of time to wait also.

Still, we’re sure the title will be a smash hit when it does launch!

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