Gran Turismo Sport Toyota GR86 release date confirmed!

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After much speculation and patient waiting, Gran Turimso Sport will finally be adding the Toyota GR86 to the game.

The addition will be the first new car to land on GT Sport in over a year. But when is it coming, and how can you get it?

Toyota GR86 release date

We've known about the car's addition to the game for some time, but until now Polyphony has kept the date under wraps. Well no longer.

The Toyota GR86 will land on GT Sport on 8 July. This is ahead of the car's debut in the 2021 Toyota GR GT Cup in August. So players will have plenty of time to get used to the new car and refine their pace.

With a revised 2.4-litre boxer four engine the GR86 is more powerful, as well as lighter, than the original it is replacing.

Toyota GR86 price

Gran Turismo Sport players are going to have to part with quite a few credits to get the new car.

Toyota GR86
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While the 2015 86 GT only costs 29,052 Cr, the new GR86 comes in at 86,000 Cr. That's not cheap, but it should return plenty in excitement and enjoyment for everyone that buys it.

There is no announcement on an accompanying update just yet, but we suspect there will be a patch coming along with the new car, and almost certainly some Balance of Performance tweaks too.

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