How to change weather in Gran Turismo 7

With its expansive single-player campaign, hundreds of cars, and in-depth tuning options, Gran Turismo 7 is the most complete GT game yet. One of the headline new features in GT7 is the new dynamic weather system. During a race, the weather can dynamically change from bright sunshine to torrential rain, creating challenging driving conditions. This is a welcome addition, as GT Sport didn’t have a dynamic weather system. Here’s how to change weather in Gran Turismo 7.

Rain or shine

Before starting an online or offline event, use the d-pad or left analogue stick to go to Select Conditions. This allows you to change the time of day to morning, daytime, afternoon, sunset, or twilight. Each time of day has preset weather, but this can be changed. Press Cross on the time of day to change the conditions.

Gran Turismo 7 weather torrential rain
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Sadly, you can't race in the wet on every track in GT7

This will bring up a long list of options to change weather in Gran Turismo 7, from bright sunny conditions, to overcast skies and torrential rain. Not every track in GT7 has dynamic weather, however.

Custom weather

If you want to delve deeper, you can make the weather change at different intervals during a race. This lets you start a race in dry and sunny conditions and end it in torrential rain, for example.

After selecting a track, select Custom Race and scroll down to Custom Weather. Here, you can change the time frame, set the amount of surface water at the start of the race, and speed up the variable time speed ratio.

Gran Turismo 7 Custom Weather
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In longer races, you can add custom weather patterns

You can also add up to six weather slots. Adding slots dynamically changes the conditions between the start and end of a race. The longer the race, the more weather slots you can add.

For example, only one weather slot can be added to a three-lap race, whereas a longer endurance race with 30 laps can be customised with up to six weather intervals.

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