How to disable self brake in Gran Turismo 7

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The new Gran Turismo title is finally here, and players have been diving into the game, here's how to disable self brake in Gran Turismo 7.

Self brake, or auto-brake, is the game applying the brakes for you in the car to a certain degree. This is useful for newer and younger players, but how do you turn it off?

How to disable self brake in Gran Turismo 7

the auto-braking option is available in Assist Settings, but this menu is only available in the pre-race screen.

To get to it, you'll need to go to World Circuits from the home screen and just pick a track. Any old track will do.

You can then select time trial and a time of day and you'll be given a screen that looks like this...

assist settings gran turismo 7
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Click Settings -> Assist Settings and you'll be given a suite of options that include traction control, stability management, and even self-braking.

The self-brake option is under the Auto-Drive drop-down menu. There are three options: Brake & Steering, Brake, and Off.

self brake off GT7
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You want to select Off from here. Then you can just exit and carry on your Gran Turismo 7 journey!

Carrying over

Selecting this option from any track will have it carry over to your races wherever you go in Gran Turismo 7.


From Sport Mode to Missions, you will now be in complete control of your braking.

If you're making this move to get better at racing, you might find yourself struggling to achieve the lap times you were previously doing as you adjust. If this is the case you can always change the difficulty of the AI to help keep you competitive as you adjust.

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