How to get free cars in Gran Turismo 7

There are 424 cars in the new Gran Turismo 7 game, and we all want to complete our garage so here is how to get free cars in Gran Turismo 7!

While you could grind for credits and buy cars, there are some ways you can gets cars for free in GT7. Here are the best ways to do it!

How to get free cars in Gran Turismo 7

With cars getting up to 20 million credits, it would take a LONG time to buy all of them, which is why getting free cars is so important to your collecting in Gran Turismo 7.

Thankfully there are a few different ways for how get free cars in Gran Turismo 7!

GT Cafe

The first way to do it is through the GT Cafe.

Here players are given "menu books" to go through. These set up races that include a Gift Car that is usually rewarded for finishing third or above.

GT7 gift car
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A WELCOME PRESENT: Gift Cars are a great way to grow your garage

You should run through the GT Cafe whether you want the Gift Car or not, as it is also how you unlock tracks in Gran Turismo 7.

You'll get plenty of cars here too, from some classic hot hatches to American muscle cars!


You can also get free cars from the Missions.

These unlock relatively quickly in the campaign, and give you the chance to win two cars per set.

GT7 missions
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MISSION ACCEPTED: Good luck grinding out Gold on each mission!

You'll get one car for just completing all the missions with at least a bronze score. But you get the second for earning all golds!

That will undoubtedly take some sweating as the challenges aren't simple but if you want a free car, you've got to keep trying!

Roulette Tickets

You can also get free cars from Roulette Tickets, but this is all about getting lucky.

You can earn Roulette Tickets from your Daily Workout along with GT Cafe and other championships within GT7.

GT7 roulette ticket
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LUCKY SPIN: You only have a 20% chance to get a free car here

There are five prizes available in GT7 Roulette Tickets, but only one is a car. Thankfully, the car is easily the most valuable prize so if you do get lucky and win it then it's an extra bonus!

Licence Centre

The final way to get free cars in Gran Turismo 7 is through the Licence Centre.

You do need to complete the Licence Centre in order to progress through certain races, and similar to the Missions you get a car for getting bronze in each licence test.

GT7 licence centre
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AN OLD FRENEMY: You can spend hours trying to nail all the licence tests!

Once again though, there is an extra car you can get for free if you gold every test. That will take a lot of time and effort though, but it could be worth it in the end!

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