How to level up fast in Gran Turismo Sport

Rising through the levels in Gran Turismo Sport unlocks new tracks in the Arcade Mode and can also help unlock the higher GT League tiers.

Then there's also that shiny PSN Trophy you can get for hitting level 50.

But what's the fastest possible way to secure more XP points and rise through those ranks quickly? We're here to tell you how.

How to earn XP fast

There's one method which can earn you a barrel-load of XP points in one quick hit... but it'll be tricky.

First, you need to head to the Professional League section in the GT League. Here, you'll find the X2014 Nations Cup, which is an in-game recreation of the FIA-Certified Online Championship finals, and features the Red Bull X2014 cars.

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BUILT FOR SPEED: The glorious Red Bull X2014 in action

Pick the last race in the Nations Cup at the Circuit de la Sarthe, which, if you win, will get you an eye-watering 230,000cr and 4,300XP. Couple that with the clean race bonus and that goes up by 150% to 345,000cr and 6,450XP, making this the best method available.

It's by no means easy, though. Winning this race and getting the clean race bonus is incredibly hard, not least because it's challenge to stick to the track's limits but also because of the behaviour of the AI opponents.

Gran Turismo 7

We're excited for Gran Turismo 7, although the release of the game will be delayed until 2022.

So for now, let's enjoy the announcement trailer from last year!

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