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How to make a drift car in Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is full of many ways to play, thanks to the huge variety of cars in the game as well as the fully customisable setups.

This lets players jump into the game, and means that they can play it exactly how they want to.

One such way is by building a drift car. Here's how you too can build a drift car in Gran Turismo Sport!

Make a drift car in GT Sport

First of all, this setup is for a Nissan GTR, but the same setup should work well for most vehicles. You'll want to be in manual transmission, with nice, slippy tyres. We recommend comfort medium.

AC Skyline R34 GTR
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Cone Marker driving assist can be a real help, and make sure to have Stability Management and Countersteering Assistance off. You can leave ABS as default.

For this particular GTR setup, it's important to have the power much higher, and we've set this to 175% in Quick Tune, with weight reduction at 93%.

The next important settings are a tad more technical, and are as follows. You want 100 ride height front and rear, with natural frequency at 2.20 and anti-roll bars at 7 on the front and 4 on the rear.

Have you damping ratio compression at 55% and rebound at 85%. Finally, you want your front camber at 1.4 and your rear camber at 1.3, with your front toe in 0.10 and your rear toe in 0.60.

Leave your transmission as normal, and set the LSD as follows. Initial torque at 30, acceleration sensitivity at front 5 and rear 30, and braking sensitivity at front 5 and rear 15.

Now, get out there and get drifting!

Gran Turismo 7

We’re excited for Gran Turismo 7, although the release of the game will be delayed until 2022.

With little to go on for now, let's just enjoy the awesome announcement trailer!

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