How to modify cars in Gran Turismo 7

We all like making our cars different, especially in a game, so here is how to modify cars in Gran Turismo 7.

From wide body kits to wings, liveries, and under-the-hood tuning, there are plenty of ways to make your favourite ride stand out from the rest.

How to modify cars in Gran Turismo 7

The first thing to do is jump in the car you want to modify and then head over to GT Auto.

This part of the map is where you can do fun things like get your car washed, but also important things like change the oil.

It's also where you can get the wide body kit modification.

M3 Sport Evolution '89 in Gran Turismo 7
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WIDE BOI: Most cars have a wide body kit available

Not every car has a wide body kit available, but most road cars do. These can beef up the look of your car, but they often come with a bit of a cost. For the above M3 '89 it's 50,000 credits.

That's not even for an upgrade that will improve performance!

Beyond that there are extra pieces of aero kit that you can apply to nearly every car.

The importance of aerodynamic parts

Setups are becoming a bigger part of Gran Turismo 7, especially with Sport Mode, which means adding aero parts is crucial.

You can't start tweaking your downforce levels if you don't have adjustable parts creating the downforce! Even cars that come with a wing need a custom modification in order to let you add more downforce to the car.

The Ferrari F40 getting a rear wing mod in Gran Turismo 7
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BOLT IT ON: You've got to add parts if you want to tinker with setup

The above example of the Ferrari F40 replaces the standard rear panel of the wing with a custom one that you can then adjust in the car settings menu.

The same goes for adding a front splitter too.

These parts aren't as expensive as the wide body kit, and are more important to creating an absolutely monstrous ride!

Tuning Shop

Once we've modded the look of the car, it's time to upgrade performance!

If you want to turn your car into a true beast you need to hit the Tuning Shop and start dropping credits on upgrades.

From turbos to engine improvements, better suspension, and improved brakes you can get it all at the Tuning Shop.

While these aren't visual mods like the wings and wide body kits, they are more important if you want your favourite car to be a world-beater!

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