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While Gran Turismo 7 features an extensive single-player campaign with car collecting, tuning, and license tests harking back to classic GT games, Sport mode from Gran Turismo Sport also returns. Sport mode lets you race online with players around the world in sanctioned races, but what if you want to play local split-screen multiplayer with your friends? Here’s how to play 2 player Gran Turismo 7.

How to unlock Multiplayer

Most modern games let you jump straight into local multiplayer, but this is not the case in GT7. Before you can race split-screen with your friends, you need to unlock Multiplayer. Here’s how.

Gran Turismo 7 split screen multiplayer location
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You can't play local multiplayer in Gran Turismo 7 straight away

To unlock Multiplayer, you need to complete GT Café Menu 9: Tokyo Highway Parade at the GT Café. You also need to finish in third place or above in the event.

After completing Menu 9, the Multiplayer location will appear at the bottom right of the World Map. While it’s relatively easy to unlock multiplayer, it takes a few hours before you can play 2 player Gran Turismo 7. Some players may find GT7's slow progression frustrating.

How to play 2 player

To start a split-screen multiplayer race, use the d-pad or left analogue stick to scroll to the Multiplayer location on the World Map and press Cross. Then choose 2P Split screen.

Make sure both DualSense controllers are switched on and connected to your PlayStation 5. You will then see a list of options to configure the two-player race. The host can change the track, time of day, and the number of laps. Once both players have selected their car, press Start Race and enjoy a head-to-head race.

Gran Turismo 7 split screen multiplayer
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Up to two players can race in Gran Turismo 7's split-screen multiplayer

There was a time when split-screen multiplayer was a standard feature in racing games. Sadly, most modern titles lack local multiplayer and prioritise online multiplayer. We’re relieved to see Gran Turismo 7 buck this trend.

Racing with friends in split-screen multiplayer is fun, but it won’t earn you credits to spend on cars and upgrades. Thankfully, there are events early in the game that lets you earn credits fast.

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