How to play online Gran Turismo 7 PS4

Gran Turismo 7 is here! After years of waiting, the Real Driving Simulator has made its way onto both the PlayStation 4 and 5. Players have been excited to check out the game's online multiplayer modes, but how do you access them?

It's not as straightforward as you might imagine, so we're here to show you the way.

Unlocking the path

To unlock multiplayer, you need to complete book number nine in single player. To do this, you need to finish within the top three places at a race on Tokyo Highway Parade. To check whether you've completed this task, you can head over to the Cafe's archive and scroll through to nine.

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SHOW YOUR SPEED: You'll have to be quick to best the AI in Tokyo

Once you've done that, you can access all of GT7's online multiplayer modes. From the main menu, head over to Sport or Multiplayer to compete in online multiplayer races. Bear in mind that you'll need a PS+ membership to be able to play online against players.

Modes such as the Daily Races will still be open to you even without a PS+ membership.

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