How to start a new campaign in Gran Turismo Sport

It might seem obvious to most, but not everybody can instinctively know where to go for the start of a new campaign in Gran Turismo Sport. Here's our quick guide to getting started in GT Sport's single player modes!

The long road to success

Gran Turismo Sport is a game that's best enjoyed over dozens or hundreds of hours. Rushing isn't in your best interest here. After you've created your driver profile, you'll be taken to the game's main menu. Within this are several submenus at the top of the screen and Campaign is the one we're interested in.

GT Sport start campaign
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HERE WE GO! There's so much available to sink your teeth into in GT Sport

Before diving into the campaign, you can sink your teeth into one of the other sections of single player mode. The game recommends that you take part in the Driving School to learn the basics of driving in GT Sport. However, if you're an experienced GT player, you won't need to worry about this for now.

Later on, you'll need a better licence to race in the more prestigious events in the GT League, but that's not an issue at first. Hover your cursor over the GT League and press X to enter it.

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CHOOSE YOUR LEAGUE: Only the beginner League will be open to you at first in GT Sport

From there, you'll be taken to the League selection screen. At first, only the Beginner League will be available to you, but the Amateur, Professional and Endurance leagues will become available in time.

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SMALL BEGINNINGS: You have to start somewhere to get to the top in GT Sport!

Within the Beginner League, there are several tournaments to choose from. We recommend going with the Sunday Cup, as it's the easiest and there are five races to compete in too. Press X to enter, choose which race you want to try, select which car you want to use and you're good to go!

Just make sure that the car you choose meets the specifications of the race. You can't bring a Ferrari supercar to an event like this. Then again, if you're just starting out, that shouldn't be a problem! If you don't have a car that fits this event, you can always purchase a new one and this guide shows you how to.

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