Is Gran Turismo 7 pay-to-win?

Gran Turismo 7 is here! After years of waiting, GT7 has finally hit shelves and we're so glad it's lived up to the hype. You can read exactly why in our full review here.

Gaming isn't cheap these days and it gets even more expensive if you play pay-to-win games. What are these types of games though, and does GT7 fall into this category? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Examples of pay-to-win games

In general, it's the mobile gaming market that's the worst offender for this. Pay-to-play games are those that heavily encourage additional purchases in order to be successful. These are often micro-transactions, which are small purchases that are required regularly to compete at the top of the game.

While you don't have to use these micro-transactions, you realistically do to win. The other aspect to this is that they add up quickly, meaning they cost more than the game itself when used a few times.

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EXPENSIVE: There are some very expensive cars in GT7

So, is this the case with GT? Are there systems in place to make the game a pay-to-play?

GT7 isn't pay-to-win

Gran Turismo 7 thankfully isn't a pay-to-win game. While purchasing the 25th anniversary edition does give you an advantage in terms of the number of in-game credits you start with, this doesn't make it pay-to-win.

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NOT PAY TO PLAY: Despite the trend in recent times, GT isn't pay to play

This is because a player that has a standard PS5 controller and base version of GT7 can beat someone who has the collector's edition and a racing sim rig setup. This is because the skill level of the player is the biggest factor in how well they race.

There are also no systems in place in-game that encourage micro-transactions. However, there have been some complaints over the recent 1.07 update and how it's decreased the credits per hour rate of some races.

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