Is Gran Turismo 7 PS5 only?

Gran Turismo 7 will launch next year and be the first GT title on the next-gen system. We know GT7 is coming to PlayStation 5, but what about other systems? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Plans have changed

Gran Turismo 7 had been rumoured for a long time, as had the PlayStation 5. It was somewhat poetic that both the new system and one of the biggest games planned for it were revealed during the same presentation. That was in 2020, and it's fair to say that a LOT has changed since then.

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NOT A STRAIGHTFORWARD LAUNCH: Plans have changed thanks to other circumstances

GT7 was originally meant to be a PS5 exclusive game to help the console when it launched. However, delays impacted GT7, and it eventually got pushed back to the March 2022 release date we see now. Thanks to the lack of stock for PS5, Polyphony and Sony made the decision to release GT7 on both the PS5 and PS4.

This will be the first time that a main series GT game will launch on two consoles. Whether this will be a good thing is debatable, but it does give GT7 a much larger player base than what it would if it was a PS5 exclusive.

So, in short, no, GT7 isn't a PS5 exclusive, it will launch on the PS4 as well.


If you're hyped for GT7, you're not alone! The latest trailer is linked below for you to watch and there's a lot here to chew on:

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