New Gran Turismo 7 online features found in game code

It’s fair to say that Gran Turismo 7 is a mixed bag. The driving is sublime, but the campaign lacks content compared to previous games to keep you hooked.

GT7’s ranked Daily Races also represent some of the best online racing on consoles. But if you want to race privately with friends, elementary features like the option to change tracks are missing in online lobbies. This could change in a future update, however.

New online lobby features found in Gran Turismo 7 game code

As reported by Jalopnik, GT7 modder Nenkai has discovered new online multiplayer lobby settings in GT7 hidden in the game code.

Currently, online multiplayer lobby hosts can’t change the track without restarting the lobby. It’s baffling that this basic online multiplayer feature is missing in a AAA racing game several months after launch.

While digging through the game code, the modder found options for changing the track and the ability to modify race regulations on the fly. While these options are currently locked behind a debug switch, it suggests Polyphony is planning to add more online lobby options in a future update.

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot Toyota GR010 Hybrid
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Hosts currently can't change tracks without restarting the online lobby.

Interestingly, the modder also found “a few dozen cars” in GT7’s roulette system that aren’t available in the game yet including some “highly demanded ones.”

These omissions suggest GT7 was rushed for release. Even Kazunori Yamauchi has said he wants players to look at GT7 as a “long term project,” hinting that requested features will be added in future updates. One such feature is the ability to sell cars, which Kaz has said is coming soon in an update.

Let’s hope more online multiplayer options are added sooner rather than later. To say that GT7’s current online lobby system is barebones is an understatement.

Update 1.15

Gran Turismo 7’s latest update rolled out last week, adding three new cars along with other changes and improvements.

Update 1.15 adds the Toyota GR010 Hybrid, Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, and Roadster Shop Rampage. It also reduces the intensity of the force feedback on certain wheels, but this can be fixed with new wheel settings.

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