New Gran Turismo 7 update coming next week

The Gran Turismo 7 servers will undergo maintenance next week on 25 April. This suggests the next GT7 update will release on the same day.

Potentially, this could be a major update that adds new content and long-requested features.

Server maintenance

According to an update on the official GT7 website, the servers will be down for maintenance on 25 April at 08:00 - 10:00 UTC and 01:00 - 03:00 PDT.

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GT7's next update arrives on 25 April

During this time, only arcade races within World Circuits and Music Rally will be playable offline. The single-player campaign and Sport mode also won’t be available and progress won’t be saved.

What can we expect in the next Gran Turismo 7 update?

Polyphony notes that Performance Points requirements for some events may change after the update. Other than that, Polyphony hasn’t said what we can expect in the next GT7 update.

However, Polyphony has previously said “near-term” updates will add new cars, track layouts, and the ability to sell cars by the end of April.

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Will the next GT7 update add the option to sell cars?

This will likely be GT7’s last update in April, so we expect these features will be added to GT7 next week along with bug fixes. Fans have been requesting the option to sell cars in GT7 since launch as GT Sport included this feature.

We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out more, but this could be a huge update for GT7 after recent updates increased credit rewards in response to fan backlash.

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