Porsche Vision GT Spyder revealed, coming to Gran Turismo 7 next week

Porsche has ripped the roof off the Vision GT, the virtual concept car created exclusively for Gran Turismo 7, to create the Vision GT Spyder. After it was announced in a community post on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel, photos shared by Porsche on Twitter give us a first look at the new Vision GT car.

Not many details are available yet, but what we do know is that you’ll be able to drive the Porsche Vision GT Spyder in Gran Turismo 7 next week.

Porsche Vision GT Spyder revealed

As the name suggests, the Porsche Vision GT Spyder is a roofless version of the manufacturer’s original Vision GT car.

Porsche Vision GT Spyder
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Whereas the original car is a fixed-roof two-seater, the “open-top variant of the Porsche concept vehicle designed purely for the digital world” takes the form of a sleek speedster.

No technical details are available yet, but it should share the same specifications as the original. As a refresher, the Porsche Vision GT concept packs 87 kWh battery and two electric motors that produce a combined 820kW (1,098 HP). This enables the electric sports car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.1 seconds before reaching a top speed of 217 mph in GT7.

Coming to Gran Turismo 7 next week

You’ll be able to take the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder for a spin when it arrives in GT7 on 29 September. We’re due a new GT7 update this month, so the Porsche Vision GT will presumably be added in update 1.22.

As there haven’t been any new cars added to GT7 since update 1.20 last month, update 1.22 will likely include two more cars. Keep an eye on Kazunori Yamauchi's Twitter account this week as he usually teases each update’s new cars before it launches. We’re hoping this will be a substantial update with new game features like the long-promised ability to sell garage cars.

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