PS5 DualSense stick drift a worry for racing fans as Gran Turismo 7 approaches

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While the PlayStation 5 has remained elusive for some gamers, there are plenty out there already putting the hours in on the new console.

With Sony's fresh system came a brand new controller, the DualSense, that has blown us away with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

However, issues are now springing up, and ones that could massively impact racers.

DualSense stick drift

PS5 players have been reporting stick drift issues with the new controller for a while, and the numbers are getting worrying for gamers everywhere.

A recent teardown by TechRadar showed that some outdated modules within the DualSense give the sticks a shelf life, and there is no easy at-home fix either.

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GAME CHANGER: The features in the DualSense have been huge for race fans

While the adaptive triggers in particular have been a revelation for racers, this is a worrying sign as driving games are especially reliant on precise steering input from your controller.

With Gran Turismo 7 on the way it might be time to cut back on your other games to make the DualSense last.

Exclusive problems

The issue of stick drift is not exclusive to PlayStation, as the teardown states that both Nintendo and Xbox gamers can and will suffer from the same issue.

The problem is that Sony has locked out the previous generation of controllers from their PS5 exclusive games, which Gran Turismo 7 will feature among.

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OPENING UP: GT7 will be closed behind the PS5

The Xbox Series X allows Xbox One controllers to play every title on the Series X. While the PS5 will only allow a DualShock controller to be used for a PS4 game, not the PS5 exclusives.

Some racers will argue you shouldn't be using a controller for Gran Turismo anyway, but we aren't nearly that elitist. The great thing about the GT series is that you can be competitive on pad without having to shell out hundreds for a wheel.

If your DualSense starts to drift though, it might be time to make the move.

Gran Turismo 7 release date

Unfortunately, we finally have confirmation from Polyphony Digital that the release date has been pushed back to 2022.

This is sad news for fans of the franchise, who were hoping for a 2021 release of the game

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