Watch Gran Turismo 7’s epic opening intro movie

Gran Turismo arguably has the best intro movies of any racing game franchise. When you excitedly boot up a new GT game for the first time, the cinematic intro captures the passion poured into the game and gets you pumped.

Anyone who played the PAL version of Gran Turismo 2 will remember the intro accompanied by The Cardigans - My Favourite Game. The PAL version of  Gran Turismo 3 also had a memorable opening movie that introduced music fans to Feeder as Just a Day played in the intro. And we couldn't forget Gran Turismo 5's intro, which opens by showing the painstaking processes of car manufacturing for several minutes.

Keeping with series' tradition, Gran Turismo 7 opens with an excellent extended intro. Before the launch, Sony released GT7’s full intro movie to get player’s excited for tomorrow’s release.  

Gran Turismo 7 opening intro movie

At nearly eight minutes long, GT7’s opening movie starts with archive footage showing the evolution of motorsport and the automotive industry. As a stirring piano track plays in the background, the footage is contextualised with real-world events such as the sinking of the Titanic. It's surprisingly emotional.

Around halfway, the intro transitions to footage from GT7 showcasing the plethora of cars and tracks. There's a glorious mix of old and new cars on show, from the fan-favourite Castrol TOM's Toyota Supra GT to the new 2023 Nissan Z.

Unlike the intros in older GT games that used pre-rendered scenes, the footage is captured with the game engine using a mix of gameplay and cinematics. It shows how far GT’s graphics have come over the last 25 years. Naturally, the action is accompanied with GT’s signature Moon over the Castle theme. Good luck getting the song out of your head after watching it.

Gran Turismo 7 opening intro movie screenshot
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Start your engines: GT7's opening intro movie will get you pumped to play the game

Time will tell if it will go down as one of the greatest GT intro movies, but GT7’s opening does a great job of showing what GT is all about: a celebration of cars and racing.

Gran Turismo 7 review

The wait is nearly over, as GT7 launches tomorrow on 4 March. If you want to find out if it lives up to expectations, you can read our extensive Gran Turismo 7 review.   

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