When will fans get a true look at Gran Turismo 7 gameplay?

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It's been almost exactly a year since we first heard of the fabled Gran Turismo 7. Since then, we haven't heard an awful lot more.

Despite initially announcing an early 2021 release, Polyphony Digital delayed the game to 2022, with the global pandemic being the obvious cause.

So, with little to go on so far, when will we next hear about the coming Gran Turismo title?

Sony State of Play

Sony, unsurprisingly, is sitting out of E3 once again this year. This absence could leave us bereft of Gran Turismo 7 information, be that gameplay, new trailers, or simply more insight into the game!


However, thankfully, Sony now elects to host their own events aptly named 'State of Play'. Last year this included information about a number of titles. Since then, there have been multiple, smaller, 'State of Play' events.

While a State of Play is coming this week, it won't have any details on Gran Turismo 7. Instead focusing on things like Ratchet & Clank and Final Fantasy.

Summer State of Play to show off GT7 gameplay?

All we really want is a look at actual gameplay of Gran Turismo 7. But when will we get that?

The game was announced in June 2020, and as the summer convention season gets underway we expect Sony will choose that period to show off more of the game.

Gran Turismo 7 Delays

The delay comes as a result of the global pandemic, and the studio's desire to deliver a perfect game. Kazunori Yamauchi himself said that, "we don't want to make any conessions".

GT7 Mazda
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So, with the delay from 2021 to 2022, we should end up with a phenomenal title that leaves no stone unturned.

That being said, we still hope the game is with us soon. An early 2022 release date would be the best of both worlds as far as quality and launching soon are concerned.

Release Date

As aforementioned, the game was initially given a Q1 of 2021 release date and was penned to be a 'launch window' title for the PlayStation 5.

GT7 gulf
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We don't have an exact date for 2022 yet. Expect Polyphony Digital to try and emulate the initial launch window of 2021, simply 12 months later.

If Sony's State of Play takes place in the summer once more, it is very likely that we will see an official release date announced then.

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