GTA Online: Arena War guide, how to enter, workshops & more!

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This week's GTA Online update added Arena War as the Double GTA$ and RP activity.

The mode was first added back in December of 2018, and brought with is new arenas, as well as vehicles to use!

So, here's our guide to GTA Online's Arena War mode, and how you can win more of them.

How to enter Arena War

Now, this update was added in 2018, so most players have already set this up in their games.

However, for those that haven't already, here's how you can get involved. Firstly, it's important to note that you can enter events without these items, but you'll be locked to using default vehicles.

To get an Arena Workshop simply open your phone's web browser and head to the Arena War website. Next, grab yourself a workshop, office, mechanic and graphics!

How to win Arena War

One of the most important things is to firstly make sure that you have a vehicle that is ready. For that, you'll obviously need cash!

Next, make sure you're modding your vehicle to be ready for the War mode you're heading into. There are strategic ways to play (certain mods will be more useful depending on the Arena mode you're entering.

Finally, prey on the weak. If all of your opponents respawn thanks to a Sudden Death, aim for those teams that have been more heavily damaged. This should give you some easy kills.

Weekly Update

As is the normal trend, a new update was added this week to GTA Online. This adds a new Podium Vehicle, which is the Pfister Comet SR.

There are also some big discounts across a large variety of vehicles and more, including 40% off the essential workshops!

Finally, there is a new Time Trial, RC Bandito Time Trial and a new Premium Race for players to enjoy.