GTA Online: How to find and start Cunning Stunt races, tips & tricks & more!

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Racing is a big part of GTA Online for many players and comes in many shapes and sizes.

One of the defining features of the whackier side of racing is Cunning Stunts.

Rockstar added this feature to the game as a an over the top form of arcade racing. Here's how you can start a Cunning Stunts race, and some tips and tricks to get you up and running!

Cunning Stunts

Cunning Stunts added 13 new vehicles, 16 new stunt races and some awesome new features to the game when it was added.

GTA cunning stunts 1
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WHACK RACING: These stunt circuits are crazy!

However, with the update now far behind us, how do you jump into a Cunning Stunts race now?

It's quite simple really, all you have to do is look out for pink Stunt Series markers. These are spread throughout Los Santos, and you simply need to enter one to be taken straight to a series of stunt races.

How to win Cunning Stunts races

As with most races, it's important to get that boost of the start line. When the races are often so narrow, the start is essential to make sure you get some space on track.

GTA cunning stunts 2
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ANY CAR: You can use a variety of vehicles in these races!

Keeping in line with the boost theme, the green blocks on the track also provide a boost. Make sure to use these as effectively as possible to maximise your speed.

Keep an ear out for the klaxon, this means a dangerous obstacle is inbound! Finally, make sure you're hitting ramps and loops head on. Starting these obstacles at an angle will often send you flying off the track!

How to win more GTA races


There are a number of things that players can do universally to increase their chances of winning.

GTA Cunning stunts 3
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BOOST TIME: It's not just the tracks which can be whacky!

As with Cunning Stunts, avoiding contact at the start, and throughout the race, will keep your pace much higher.

Finally, make sure to apply the basic principle of racing where possible. Slow in, fast out for corners, and learning the nuances of the cars you use in each race.

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