GTA Online: How to win more online races, tips and tricks & more!

One of the defining features for us petrolheads in GTA Online is the racing.

From learning how to drift, to tearing around the streets of Los Santos causing havoc, we love some GTA.

So, let's take a look at what you can do to make sure you win as many races as possible!

Race Starts

One of the defining features of any racing game is turn one on any circuit ever. This is never more true than with GTA Online.

GTAOnline racing
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GET THE RIGHT START: The start can make or break a race!

Our primary piece of advice if you're looking to win more races is to avoid the inevitable turn one pileup. It might seem obvious, but many players still rush to the corner just to be blasted into oblivion!

So, by staying back and avoiding those big collisions at the start, you already stand a greater chance of getting yourself a victory!

Avoiding contact

If you've made it past turn one, you need to try and replicate this around the whole track.

GTAOnline Racing Crash
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CRASH TIME: GTA Online races aren't always the cleanest!

That means, avoid unnecessary contact, and if there's one particular driver on track who has a magnet to your rear bumper, do your best to throw him off.

We tend to find that a swift bit of reverse and brake into corner entry causes them to go flying into the wall, so give it a go yourself!

One of the best ways to completely avoid contact is to play in a non-contact race. That kind of goes without saying, but we just thought we'd drop that in here.

Racing basics

Finally, make sure you're applying your racing basics still. For those of us who prefer a sim, this goes without saying, however many of those racing on GTA are more casual racers.

GTAOnline Stock Racing
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TO THE SIDE: Corners are a pivotal part in any race!

As such, some of the key principles are to make sure your slow into corners and fast out. This isn't quite the same in GTA as other titles, as it's much more of an arcade-y racer, but the same principle can apply.

Learn the cars that you're looking to race. Each car has its own pros and cons, so if you can master each vehicle, or a number of them, then you'll be much more likely to catch some wins.

Not only will this help you drive better, it will also enable you to predict the manner in which other cars will drive.

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