GTA Online: A beginner's guide to drifting & all you need to know!

One of the biggest parts of car culture nowadays is drifting. If you don't know what it is... Where have you been?

GTA Online now has a huge plethora of vehicles and a growing online community that loves drifting (as well as awesome weekly updates).

So, if you're struggling to keep up, here's everything you need to know!

The Basics

Firstly, GTA Online is a tad to other drifting situations, as you never quite know who is on the server with you. There aren't many games where you can be drifting and end up in a shootout!

Secondly, there's the age-old wheel vs controller debate. Obviously, a wheel is best for drifting, however, if you do end up in a shootout, you'll be stuck.

As such, we highly recommend drifting in GTA Online on controller. If you're struggling, this video should help out!

We recommend using the 'Futo' in GTA Online, as this provides a nice solid base from which to build your drift machine.

Start with some simple donuts before moving on to figures of eight in an attempt to get a feel for the car.

Where to drift and what to use

Once you're set with the 'Futo' you'll need somewhere to drift, and potentially an upgrade!

Once you've used the above video to find some awesome spots, let's look at some other vehicles you can use.

Good examples of this are the Dewbauchee Rapid GT, Banshee 900R and Williard Faction.

Obviously, stay away from AWD cars and supercars. There simply too difficult, and although there are very few exceptions, like the Banshee, we still recommend steering clear of them.

Drift like a Pro

One small hack you can do is to lower your car, which is achieved by shooting the centre of your wheel. This will lower your car bit by bit, and you can do so until the car is at the height that you wish.

GTA Online drifting
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IN TANDEM: You'll be an expert in no time with these tips!

When starting a drift, we recommend using that e-brake to kick the rear of the car out. An advanced technique also is to press the clutch during initiation, as this will help maintain some momentum into the slide.

GTA is weird in that you have to keep pressing the e-brake to achieve the desired angle of drift. Just make sure to be heavy with the throttle, and try and feel the weight of the car as it rotates.

When changing angle, also know as transitioning, simply tap the -brake again. Couple this with some heavy throttle and work on holding the weight as you switch form left to right and vice-versa.

Finally, and of course, practice makes perfect! We'll see you on the streets of Los Santos.

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