GTA Online: How to find and start open-wheel races, tips and tricks & more!

A massive part of GTA Online for many players is racing, especially with the wide variety of vehicles and races available.

One such race is the open-wheel racing, which was added this time last year.

So, let's take a look at these Open Wheel races, as well as some tips and tricks to help you win them!

Enter Open-Wheel racing

Firstly, in order to take part in some open-wheel racing, you can do a number of things. Obviously, you can find an open-wheel race on the map and enter it that way.

GTA Online ow car
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CHOICES: There are two open-wheel cars for you to choose from!

The other way is to accept an invite from the job list. If there aren't any available, you can host your own, and wait for other players to join.

Once you've completed these steps, you should be in a lobby and preparing to race.

How to win open-wheel races

One of the biggest features to note of open-wheel races are the different tyre types, although avoiding contact is naturally very important also.

GTA online ow racing
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CHAOS: Some of these races can be a bit messy!

Naturally, these are soft, medium, and hard. Softs will offer more grip but last fewer laps than hards, which will last a long time but have little grip in comparison.

Managing these tyres can be done through pitstops which will both repair your vehicle and replenish your tyres.

You can also upgrade your open-wheel vehicles. However, in races, wing settings are left at default, meaning no performance advantage is gained from having a certain wing type equipped.

Win more GTA Online races

There are a number of things that players can do universally to increase their chances of winning.

GTA online ow racing 1
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KEY TO SUCCESS: There a number of things players can do to win more races!

As with open-wheel racing, avoiding contact at the start, and throughout the race, will keep your pace much higher.

Finally, make sure to apply the basic principles of racing where possible. Slow in, fast out for corners, and learning the nuances of the cars you use in each race

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