GTA Online Los Santos Tuners: Release Date, Contents, Cars, Contracts, Location, & more!

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The wait for GTA 6 was given a devastating blow recently when we were told we'd be waiting until 2024 for the next game.

Thankfully, we've got the frequently updated GTA Online to keep us entertained.

The latest update hitting Los Santos is the Summer update, and here's what we can expect!

New contracts

For those out of the loop, the Los Santos Tuners update added new contracts to the game. These are similar to heists, just with a smaller payout and less time-consuming.

Moodymann returns yet again, this time with Sessanta, his new girlfriend. This time, he has a number of robbery contracts for you to try your hand at!


This latest update didn't come without some juicy discounts for us to enjoy, however.

Here they are below:

  • Maibatsu Penumbra FF – 30% off
  • Elegy Retro Custom – 30% off
  • Vapid GB200 – 40% off
  • BF Club – 40% off
  • Lampadati Michelli GT – 40% off
  • Annis Savestra – 40% off
  • Karin Sultan – 40% off
  • Vapid Dominator GTX – 40% off

We expect these to last until next week when a new set of discounts will replace them!

Update now LIVE

The update is now available across all platforms, meaning players can get downloading and playing the latest content.

This new update has also added a host of new vehicles including cars and bikes, and even a new music player!

Los Santos Tuners

This update will include new races for players to compete in, a host of new vehicles for players to unlock, and even a new location.

This location is a non-descript, graffiti-covered warehouse near Cypress Flats, and it will be a safe haven for car enthusiasts on GTA Online.

There will be new ways to play, practice, and generally enjoy the cars which you've come to love in Los Santos.

The LS Car Meet

This will be an enormous, and more importantly, social space, where players can hang out. Bring along your ride, show it off to your friends, and enjoy comparing what you've done to it with your mates!

You won't be allowed weapons or weaponised vehicles in the meet, meaning no more pesky griefers.

What's more, according to Rockstar there's a strict "good vibes only" policy, so you'll be sure to enjoy hanging out here.

Auto Shop & Locations

These new auto shops will be the perfect place for you to upgrade your car once you've settled on which one you'd like!

GTA Auto Locations
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LOCATIONS: Here is where you can find the various auto shops in Los Santos!

The price is looking like $1,750,000 to purchase, with all upgrades making up a total of $4,522,000.


All of this doesn't come for free though, as you'll be forking out GTA$50,000 for membership. Thankfully, that's chump change for many of you out there.

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With this you'll get access to the meet itself, the Test Track, a new Reputation progression (with new unlocks at each level), and access to special shops and features:

  • Merch Shop
  • Tattoo Shop
  • Modding Area
  • Prize Ride Challenges

When you reach the higher levels of membership, you can even create a Private Takeover. This will allow you to customise the lighting and banner colours to make the meet your own.

New Races

This update will add new races inside and outside the car meet itself, and each will have its own leaderboard.

The Test Track will be home to races such as Head-to-Head and Scramble, as well as new time trials.

There are also new Street Races Series and Pursuit Series for members. These will have you racing around Los Santos as a whole, and are also joined by Sprint.


Your Rep is vital in LS Car Meets, and you can earn it in a number of ways.

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You can compete in and win races, receive daily login bonuses, put time in on the test track, and hang out at the car meet.

You will get different advantages for being a higher level of reputation. This will include new fashionable gear, car customisation options such as wheels and liveries, trade prices on certain cars, new Race modes and even hosting your own meets.


Finally, a host of new cars are coming to Los Santos.

From imports to pure American muscle, this update contains 17 cars, 10 of which arrived today!

New Music Player

The new music player sees players having to drive around the city to collect music sticks which, unsurprisingly, contain music!

These can then be selected and played from the Music Player in-game. Here are the locations of the sticks:

  1. On Tony's Desk in the Nightclub Office
  2. On a table on the Casino roof terrace
  3. In the Car Meet Warehouse on a table next to the customization area
  4. In the Arcade on the bar.

This will unlock the CircoLoco Tee for all players that find all 4 sticks!

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