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GTA Online: New Itali RSX, Veto Modern, New Festive Surprise Content & more!

There might still be 2 days until Santa's visit, but that doesn't mean we're not getting any early presents.

Rockstar's festive content drops continue in this latest update for GTA Online.

Let's take at everything that's included now!

New vehicles

In this Festive Surprise update, Rockstar have added two exciting new vehicles to the game.

GTA Online Itali RSX
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ITALI RSX: This supercar will cost you...

These come in the form of the Itali RSX and the Veto Modern. The Itali RSX is a true supercar, with a $3.5 million price tag to boot.

The Veto Modern isn't quite as costly, but at $1 million for a go kart, it's still a pretty penny!

Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward

There's every chance that you're not a fan of forking out your hard earned millions to pay for a supercar.

GTA Online Veto Modern
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GO KART TIME: This Go Kart isn't quite like the others!

Thankfully, if you're willing to hit the lucky wheel a couple of times at the Diamond Casino, you may not have to.

The car in question is the Tyrus Supercar, and is one that will normally set you back over $2.5 million!

Festive Surprises

The yearly tradition continues once again, as Los Santos is covered in snow for a few days.

In fact, the entirety of Los Santos is now Christmas themed, with decorations, trees and snowball fights adorning the city.

GTA Online Snow
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A WHITE CHRISTMAS: Snow is all over Los Santos!

You will receive a free festive mask when you login, as well as all the shops stocking more free ones.

Players will also get free liveries, further login bonuses and the Brioso 300 is now free!

Further Rewards and Discounts

The fun doesn't stop there, as there are even more reasons for players to jump on.

There are 2x rewards on In & Out Adv. mode, as well as major discounts across many stores.

There are even some awesome Prime Gaming Rewards for players who have Amazon Prime.

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