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GTA Online Update: Festive Surprise 2020, new Christmas content & more!

Los Santos' criminals are still enjoying the Cayo Perico Heist and all the new vehicles that were added to the game, but Rockstar aren't expected to leave it there.

As ever, a Christmas-themed update is expected to hit Los Santos soon!

Latest News

The latest news for Festive Surprise 2020 is here, and so is the update! Judging by recent years, you've got until January 5 to enjoy this festive content.

Take advantage of some discounts or adorn your cars in some truly festive liveries.

GTA Online Itali RSX 1
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EXPENSIVE TASTES: The Itali RSX costs nearly $3.5 million!

Dropping on December 22, that update brought some exciting new content to the game.

Along with two new vehicles, there are a host of changes for you to explore in Los Santos, even some more free rewards for you to collect!

Festive Surprise 2020

Fans had expected the annual Festive Surprise to arrive last week, but with the new heist dropping instead there weren't many complaints when it didn't arrive.

gta online festive surprise 2
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WRAP UP WARM: It's going to be cold in Los Santos

Now though, we all expect Los Santos to get in the festive spirit this week.

Release date

With a usual Thursday update slot anyway, we expect Rockstar to drop the Festive Surprise on Thursday 24 December. That's a little later than usual, but we'll let them off!

You can expect the Festive Surprise to run for about two weeks.

What is Festive Surprise?

From Christmas decorations in stores to snowfall in the City, Festive Surprise usually brings something of the real world Christmas into the game.

gta online festive surprise
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BAD SANTA: Get ready for some merry mischief in GTA Online

From retail workers muttering about annoying customers to snowball fights, there should be plenty to get you in the holiday mood.

Alongside the usual content we see in the weekly update, such as new podium cars, discounts and Twitch/Amazon Prime Membership bonuses, Rockstar tends to release some extra festive content.

This includes free festive gear, festive gifts or bonuses on select game modes and maybe even a brand new vehicle!

gta online christmas
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WHAT THE... : What crazy content could Rockstar have planned this year?

Given the recent addition of the Cayo Perico heist though, this year's Festive Surprise could be a little lighter than usual.

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