GTA Online Update 1.53: Loading times slashed for many players!

One of the main things that GTA Online players like to complain about is loading times.

This is rightfully so, as GTA Online is know to take up to six minutes to load for some locations.

Now, however, an avid fan has found a fix for these loading times, and has absolutely slashed them! Let's take a look now.

Loading times reduced

The most exciting part of this fix, is that it was found and made by a fan, who goes by the name of t0st.

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GET IN THE GAME: Loading times are the bane of our gameplay!

Rockstar initially announced on Monday that they would be releasing this fix, which came as a huge relief for players.

That update went live yesterday, and cut loading times for the game by up to 70%. Naturally, these are still dependent on internet speed as well, so if you have slow internet, don't expect the same results!

Reap the reward

As this is a fan-made fix, t0st went out of his way in an attempt to find out the problem plaguing the game's loading times.

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REWARD TIME: GTA Online players get one reward each week anyway!

Rockstar has since rewarded t0st $10,000 for his efforts which will help players the world over.

As well as the consistent updates to the game, it's nice to see Rockstar caring about the playing experience for their fans!

Weekly updates

As aforementioned, the developer still adds a weekly update to the game. This includes some interesting rewards for players.

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SPEEDILY DOES IT: You'll be racing online in no time now!

Another bonus is the awesome discounts which players can enjoy, these can be on anything also. Last week saw discounts on everything from facilities to some awesome vehicles.

These weekly updates make sure that the game stays fresh for players. Couple that with this awesome new loading time update, and GTA Online is the game to play at the moment!

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