GTA Online Weekly Update LIVE: 25 February 2021 - Podium car, discounts, new content

A new week means one thing for fans of GTA, the arrival of a new weekly update.

Without a doubt, this update will bring some exciting new content to the game, as well as some huge discounts for players to take advantage of.

Last week we saw the Dinka Verus added to Los Santos, along with a huge plethora of discounts. Let's see what's in store this week!

Weekly Update content

This weekly update has arrived in Los Santos and players are beginning to discover just what it has in store for everyone.

So let's see what awaits in the big city this time.

Podium car

This week's podium car over at Diamond Casino is the Vapid FMJ.

gta online vapid FMJ
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PODIUM CAR: The Vapid FMJ is an absolute beast!

The Vapid FMJ will normally set you back a cool $1,750,000 so it's a terrific car to get for free!

Cayo Perico vehicle

After taking a week off from dropping Cayo Perico vehicles into the game, Rockstar has decided to add the Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy into Los Santos this week.

nagasaki weaponised dinghy gta online
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FUN ON THE HIGH SEAS: There is plenty of mischief to be had with this

Coming in at $1,850,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry, the dinghy is described in the usual vivid detail by Rockstar:

"Looking to mount an amphibious assault on a country's militarized border or defend your humble seaside home? With a .50 cal gun at the front, this little dinghy will send a clear message to trespassers. Bullets and inflatables, do they really go together? You tell us!"

Discount content

As always there are several big discounts throughout Los Santos.

Let's see what they are this week:

  • Dinka Verus - FREE
  • Grotti Furia - 40% off
  • Annis S80RR - 40% off
  • Progen GP1 - 40% off
  • Pegassi Zentorno - 40% off
  • Truffade Adder - 40% off
  • All Offices - 60% off
  • All Office Renovations - 60% off

That's right, you can still get a free Dinka Verus this week!

Double RP & GTA$ activities

There are four double RP & GTA$ activities this week, which is music to the ears of some players.

You'll get double your rewards on Special Cargo and Stunt Races, as well as on Sumo and Sumo (remix).

Time trial

This week's time trial is Down Chiliad, which has a par time of 54.2 seconds.

RC Bandito time trial

This week's RC Bandito time trial is Vespucci Canals, which has a par time of 1:53.0.

Twitch Prime bonuses

Finally, for those with Twitch Prime there is 80% off the Dewbauchee Vagner and 70% off the Coil Rocket Voltic.

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