GTA Online: Cayo Perico Weaponized Dinghy comes to Los Santos

The GTA Online weekly update has landed once again in San Andreas.

Along with the usual discounts and podium car, the update has added another Cayo Perico vehicle to the game.

Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy

Adding a dinghy to the game doesn't sound like much, but when there is a .50 cal gun mounted on the front and it can carry five players it is instantly going to be used to create chaos on the high seas around Los Santos.

nagasaki weaponised dinghy gta online
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TAKING THE CREW FOR A RIDE: You can fit the whole squad in this

First featured as part of the Cayo Perico heist back in December, it is following a trend of vehicles like the Manchez Scout and Squaddie by landing on the mainland.

How to buy the weaponized dinghy

Players wanting to add this dinghy to their collection need to head over to Warstock Cache & Carry.

There they can part with $1,850,000 to add it to their collection.

GTA Online Weekly Update TN 2
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The description lets you know just what to expect from this one:

"Looking to mount an amphibious assault on a country's militarized border or defend your humble seaside home? With a .50 cal gun at the front, this little dinghy will send a clear message to trespassers. Bullets and inflatables, do they really go together? You tell us!"

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