How to get Los Santos Tuners Car Meet membership, where to buy, & more!

The Los Santos Tuners update is now well and truly here, and it's added a variety of incredibly content to the game.

As well as new vehicles, we even got new ways to customise them, some big discounts for a limited time, and new ways to drive our rides.

So, here's how to get a membership to the awesome LS care meets, and what you'll get for buying it!

LS Car Meet membership

One of the biggest additions with the Los Santos Tuners update is a new way for members of the car scene in GTA Online to meet. This is the LS Car Meet.

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To gain entry to it, you'll first have to buy membership, which is simple enough to do once you've found the location of the warehouse. This is out on the edge of town, near Cypress Flats.

Next, you'll have to get inside and find Mimi, which should bring up a buy list. One of the options on there will be 'Buy Membership', and you'll simply have to spend $50,000 to get it!

No need for an autoshop

The autoshops are a new addition with Los Santos Tuners and provide another way for players to modify their vehicles.

GTA Auto Locations
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Initially, players thought that they required an auto shop in order to gain access to the LS Car Meet. However, that's been proven to not be true, just the $50,000 membership fee is essential.

Of course, if you do want one, you can source one at any of the locations on the map, seen above. The base price for the cheapest one is $1,600,000, so they're not cheap!

Los Santos Tuners

We've got all the latest on the update, including a full car list of released and unreleased vehicles, so you don't miss anything to do with Los Santos Tuners.

We're on the lookout for any and all news concerning the update as well. If anything special pops up, we'll be sure to let you know about it!

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