Best Controllers for F1 24

Max Verstappen in F1 24 celebrating with confetti around him on one side of a white line. On the other, a black wired Razer controller featuring orange lighting for trim.
Credit: EA / Razer

Max Verstappen in F1 24 celebrating with confetti around him on one side of a white line. On the other, a black wired Razer controller featuring orange lighting for trim.
Credit: EA / Razer

F1 24 has arrived, which means it's a good time to start thinking about your setup and if it's poised for consistent podium finishes. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the best controllers for F1 24 to help out any gamepad enthusiasts looking to upgrade their device for this year's game.

Each of our picks offers an alternative to some of the best wheels for F1 24, providing things like adjustable trigger lengths and additional buttons to allow for complete customization to ensure your reactions and access to important in-game commands are as quick and as easy as possible.

As a result, these are some of the best controllers for racing games in general, let alone for F1 24, so stick around if you're in desperate need of a new gamepad for this year's game.

Best controllers for F1 24

  1. DualSense Edge - best for PS5 users
  2. Xbox Elite Series 2 - top pick for Xbox
  3. Razer Wolverine V2 - an excellent option for PC racing
  4. Nacon Revolution 5 Pro - a great choice for old-gen consoles
  5. PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced - best budget pick for F1
DualSense Edge product image of a black and white PlayStation controller featuring blue lighting.
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Credit: Sony

1. DualSense Edge

Best PS5 controller for F1 24

Compatibility: PS5, PC

We’re starting strong with the DualSense Edge, Sony’s top-of-the-range gamepad for the PS5 that's loaded with advanced features that can give you a competitive advantage.

First, it comes with three types of thumbsticks: high, low, and half-dome. These options allow you to customize your device to enhance comfort for you specifically, all without compromising grip. They can actually influence your skills in F1 too, as the different stick heights might just improve your turning precision, allowing for finer adjustments once you find the perfect fit.

Elsewhere, the controller features mappable back buttons, enabling you to assign your most-used in-game controls for quick and easy access. You can save your settings under different profiles too, making it simpler to reconfigure your device when you switch between games.

One of the standout features for racing enthusiasts though is the adjustable trigger lengths. You can manually set the travel distance of both the left and right triggers, reducing the time it takes to hit full throttle or brake. This helps make the DualSense Edge an exceptional choice for racing games like F1 24, offering you the precision and responsiveness needed to excel on the track.

Reasons to buy:

  • Highly rated by our friends at Gfinity
  • Stick modules and the joysticks themselves are customizable
  • It features adjustable trigger lengths to help reduce reaction times

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Xbox Elite Series 2 product image of a black controller with a grey gradient touch pad on the left.
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Credit: Microsoft

2. Xbox Elite Series 2

Best Xbox controller for F1 24

Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

The Elite Series 2 is Microsoft's version of the DualSense Edge for Xbox, with it showcasing some of the most advanced controller technology available today.

One standout feature is its customizable back bumpers. Like the Edge, you can adjust the pressure resistance to reduce the response time for braking and accelerating. This can allow for later braking into corners and quicker power application on exits, which might just help you achieve a podium finish.

Additionally, the thumbsticks' stiffness can be modified using the included tool, which is especially beneficial for precision in FPS games, although this could also benefit your precision while tackling tricky tracks and turns like what you find in Monaco.

Other notable features include a comfortable rubberized grip, an impressive 40-hour battery life, and three customizable profiles, allowing seamless transitions between different gaming setups. It's an almighty controller and should pair nicely with F1 24.

Reasons to buy:

  • Until the Elite Series 3 arrives, this is the best Xbox controller you can get
  • You can adjust the trigger lengths to help with your reaction times
  • It has an impressive 40-hour battery life

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Razer Wolverine V2 product image of a black Xbox-branded wired controller with green trim.
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Credit: Razer

3. Razer Wolverine V2

Best PC controller for F1 24

Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

We've featured some pretty great controllers so far, but if you prefer to race at a desk and your platform of choice is a PC, then it makes sense to go for something wired like this Razer Wolverine V2.

A wired connection completely eliminates any latency concerns, which is vital on the start line when reaction times are everything. It also takes away the need to charge your device, which means you can race for hours and hours and not have to even think about battery life.

Being wired isn't this controller's only upside though. It features Razer's Mecha Tactile buttons and D-Pad which helps with grip, two mappable back buttons for easy access, plus adjustable trigger lengths for, you guessed it, later braking and punchy acceleration.

It's pretty light too, weighing 274 g, and it comes with a 3.5 mm analog audio port for times when you need to be quiet and wear headphones. In fact, there's not much this controller doesn't have.

Reasons to buy:

  • It boasts a latency-free wired connection
  • It has mappable back bumpers and adjustable trigger lengths
  • Easy to set up with a Windows PC

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Nacon Revolution 5 Pro product image of a black controller with a white light around the right thumbstick and PlayStation branding on the center button.
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Credit: Nacon

4. Nacon Revolution 5 Pro

Best PS4 controller for F1 24

Compatibility: PS4, PS5, PC

While also compatible with the PS5, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro makes for a particularly great alternative to the Dualsense Edge for PS4 users playing F1 24.

Alongside the same kind of adjustable triggers and customizable components, including three sets of weights, three stick sizes, and three sets of stick heads, the Revolution 5 Pro boasts a unique asymmetric layout designed to improve game performance, plus magnetic Hall effect technology that helps to essentially eliminate 'stick drift' by adding precision to each input.

The controller is equipped with two vibration motors that work with PS4 games too, which means you're getting some sort of feedback from your driving through the gamepad itself. It may not be force feedback, but something is better than nothing.

On top of all that, you can save four profiles per platform to the controller which, once again, is ideal for switching between games and finding the same settings. It's factors like this that help make the Revolution 5 Pro an excellent controller all around.

Reasons to buy:

  • Its asymmetric layout is designed to improve game performance
  • Equipped with two vibration motors that can feedback from your driving
  • You can save multiple profiles to make switching settings easy

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PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced product image of a black wired controller with Xbox branding on it and multicolored lights around the buttons.
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Credit: PowerA

5. PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

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Best budget controller for F1 24

Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S

Compared to most gamepads out there, the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced is far more budget-friendly, especially if you catch it while it's on sale. Despite being cheaper, however, this thing is still capable of giving you an edge on the track.

As per the fashion it seems, this controller features two mappable back bumpers that can be assigned to commands like shifting gear to help make each change quicker and easier. It also has three trigger heights which, when set at their shortest, can make braking and accelerating incredibly snappy.

The controller is wired, so you'd need to sit fairly close to your console to use it, although you then benefit from zero latency and never having to charge it. It also features programmable LEDs that might not help you win races, but they look cool, and that definitely counts for something in our eyes...

Reasons to buy:

  • Three different trigger heights to choose from
  • Two mappable back buttons for quick access to in-game commands
  • You get to enjoy thousands of color combinations from the LEDs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There's no need to panic if you've had a few questions reading this guide. We've answered some commonly asked queries below.

What are the best controller settings for F1 24?

While the default controller settings are suitable to hop in and play the game, there are a few adjustments we'd recommend making to better your lap times:

  • Steering Rate: Changing it to something close to the 160% maximum will increase the car's steering speed and make it more responsive.
  • Steering Linearity: Dropping this to around 30% will reduce the steering sensitivity, helping with minor analog stick movements.
  • Braking Linearity: What works for one person won't work for another here, but we'd recommend setting this to around 30% and experimenting until you find the most comfortable setting.
  • Wheel Rotation: Again, this one's subjective. However, dropping this down to around 320 degrees should make the steering more responsive on a controller, making it easier to navigate tight turns.

Those are the key settings we'd recommend playing around with and changing from their default. All of the vibration and feedback settings can be adjusted too, but those all come down to personal preference once again.

For more information on the best F1 controller settings, check out our in-depth guide here.

What features should you look for from a controller for F1 24?

When selecting a controller for F1 24, it's essential to consider features that enhance precision, responsiveness, and immersion. Key features to look for include analog sticks that offer fine control over your steering. If these are customizable, then you can alter things like the stiffness of the analog stick or the shape of them to your liking so you can be more precise with your steering on the track.

Controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback can provide a more realistic driving experience by simulating the sensations of the road and car mechanics. Customizable trigger activation points are also great because you can reduce how far you need to press before hitting the brakes or the accelerator.

An ergonomic design is also crucial for comfort during long gaming sessions, ensuring that the controller feels natural in your hands and reduces fatigue. Plus, any controller with additional buttons can help speed up access to common in-game commands, helping you react quicker and achieve consistent podium finishes.

Is a controller better for playing F1 24 than a racing wheel?

In our opinion, a racing wheel offers a more immersive and precise experience for F1 24 compared to a controller, especially once you become accustomed to its mechanics.

The primary advantage of using a wheel lies in the enhanced control and realism it provides. With features like force feedback or direct drive, a racing wheel can simulate the physical sensations of driving, giving you a more authentic racing experience. Additionally, these advanced simulation techniques offer a wealth of information, helping you to better understand and react to the in-game dynamics.

However, it's worth noting that a controller offers greater versatility beyond racing games. If you're a more casual sim gamer or enjoy a variety of gaming genres, a high-quality gamepad might be a more practical choice for you. Some people simply prefer using a controller too, although that all comes down to personal preference.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your gaming preferences and how dedicated you are to the racing simulation experience in F1 24.

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