MOZA FSR Review: Premium quality at a less-than premium price!

MOZA seems to be slowly taking over the sim racing market worldwide.

With a huge variety of products for any budget, including a full direct drive bundle, they have something for everyone.

So, with the MOZA FSR wheel rim now in our hands, how is it?

Let's take a look!


So, let's first dive into what exactly the MOZA FSR is.

The MOZA FSR is MOZA's entry in the premium wheel space and is sold as a Formula Style rim. It fits this perfectly, but can also be used as a fill-in rim for GT3/4, etc!

PREMIUM FEEL: The MOZA FSR looks the business!
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PREMIUM FEEL: The MOZA FSR looks the business!

The built-in screen is great and of a good resolution, meaning you won't have any trouble reading what's on there. There are also 15 different aesthetics to choose from, a great touch for those wanting a unique driving experience!


The wheel itself starts at £579 here in the UK from GTOmega, although it is currently on preorder. It's an exceptionally competitive price point and is well-positioned to be an affordable option.

It can be used with MOZA wheelbases natively (we used ours on the MOZA R9), as well as Fanatec and Simucube bases using the MOZA adapter.

Build Quality

The MOZA FSR has a lot going for it in the build quality department.

Not only is the face of the wheel genuine 5mm Toray carbon fibre, but the casing is also aviation-grade CNC'd aluminium.

IN ACTION: The MOZA FSR is incredibly easy to set up!
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IN ACTION: The MOZA FSR is incredibly easy to set up!

Likewise, the buttons are tactile and offer a satisfying click upon being pushed, but not so much as to be distracting. They are also set in small housings, meaning they don't move from side to side whilst you're reaching for them!

Finally, the shifters. These are brilliant, and the magnets used are of perfect strength. The throw is not too far and can be shortened using provided accessories.

The shifters make a brilliant noise when pressed, and are quieter than my other MOZA CS Wheel. Once again, these can be made even quieter using the provided rubber accessories.

MOZA FSR in-use

But, the all-important question remains - what is it like to use? Well, quite simply, it's a dream!

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I haven't used many wheels of this calibre, and I've certainly never owned any myself, but it feels great.

The wheel has a heft that is brilliantly balanced when attached to the MOZA quick release (which is also great) and the various inputs have made on-the-go adjustments a breeze.

Add to that the screen, which felt rather gimmicky at first but has turned out to been a Godsend, and this wheel has it all.

One to buy!

In conclusion, I would most definitely recommend this wheel. If you're already looking for a Formula-style wheel - don't count the FSR out!

The wheel being compatible with other wheelbases is a plus, and at this price point, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Overall, the MOZA FSR gets a 9 out of 10 from me. Fix a couple of supply issues (some people are noting lengthy waiting times) and MOZA has a rather unbeatable product under their belts!

The amazing build-quality of the MOZA FSR coupled with stellar features and that big display makes it a must-buy for sim racers!
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9 out of 10
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