MOZA Launch Updated R16 and R21 Wheelbases

MOZA R16/R21

MOZA R16/R21

As we get closer to Christmas, many sim racers may be looking to treat themselves to upgraded hardware. MOZA have picked the perfect time to reveal their new wheelbases, with upgraded versions of the R16 and R21 launching just at the right time.

Let’s take a look at what’s new from MOZA.

Refined racing

MOZA have today announced the launch of their next-generation versions of the R16 and R21 wheelbases. Incorporating new technology, seamless connectivity, and providing a better feel, these are perfect for the sim racer looking to upgrade their rig.

These new wheelbases bring in a new era of precision for MOZA, with their NextGen Force 2.0 force feedback system incorporating MOZA’s cutting-edge algorithm to simulate both over and understeer more accurately.

MOZA R16/R21
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Seamless connectivity allows players to use any combination of pedals, shifters, and other peripherals with each wheelbase, with digital dashboards also being compatible with both the R16 and R21. Combined with the versatile mounting options available on both wheelbases, racers have plenty of flexibility when creating their sim rigs.

The innovative dual-mode communication ensures a constant wireless connection between the wheelbase and wheel via a military-grade wired conductive slip ring, so you’ll never lose connection even during the most arduous of cornering.

MOZA R16/R21
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The upgraded R16 and R21 have been inspired by supercar wheels, with a durable aluminium alloy construction giving a lightweight but strong base. With 21Nm of torque, this gives an unparalleled immersive experience.

Cool racing

Both the R16 and R21 come with MOZA’s temperature control monitoring systems. This keeps the wheelbase at a reliable temperature range even during long endurance races. Coupled with the MOZA Pit House control suite, you can manage your MOZA devices like never before.

The Pit House suite allows for customisation of turn angle, pedal travel, LED indicators, and the force feedback from the wheelbase. The software ships with a range of presets, or racers can create their own settings to find that sweet spot for racing.

MOZA Pit House control suite
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The MOZA mobile app is also compatible with the R16 and R21, allowing you to make quick changes to settings without needing to boot up the entire suite. This reduces the hassle during a major racing session or online championship.

For all these new features, you’d expect a heavy price tag. But in both cases, the new offerings from MOZA show good value. The R16 ships at £799 or $799 with the R21 launching at £999 or $999.

These prices represent great value for a serious hardware upgrade and are a must-buy for seasoned sim racers looking for the next great hardware innovation.

Check out both the R16 and R21 from MOZA, and enjoy racing with these epic upgraded wheelbases.

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