Moza R21 DD Wheelbase Back in Stock With Massive Discount

Moza R21 DD wheelbase back in stock with massive discount

Moza R21 DD wheelbase back in stock with massive discount

Despite being less established than Fanatec and Thrustmaster, Moza Racing has taken the sim racing market by storm with its high-quality racing peripherals from the R9 wheelbase to the F1-style FSR wheel rim.

Now, Moza’s flagship R21 direct drive wheelbase is back in stock. If you missed out before, now is your chance to get the Moza R21 at a reduced price, making it the best wheel base for value so far in 2023! It won't last forever, though, so don't hang around.

Moza’s most powerful wheelbase

The Moza R21 direct drive wheelbase is back in stock at a reduced price of $1,099. Additionally, the R16 DD base is also reduced to $899.

Moza R21 direct drive wheelbase
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With a high-performance motor delivering up to 21 Nm of torque, the R21 is the most powerful wheelbase in Moza’s current lineup, providing incredibly strong force feedback.

That’s 30% more peak torque than the R16 without a temperature increase thanks to the R21’s unique stator and rotor design.

For comparison, the Fanatec Podium DD1 offers less torque yet is more expensive. With immersive direct drive feedback, you’ll experience every bump in the road and feel when tyres are losing grip in sim racing games like iRacing, rFactor 2, and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

With its all-aluminium body, the Moza R21 Wheelbase sports a sleek design resembling the shape of a supercar.

Moza R21 direct drive wheelbase
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Mimicking a real race car, force feedback dampening also dynamically adjusts depending on the speed you're driving, resulting in better high-speed stability and low-speed manoeuvrability. Force feedback effects can also be fully customised with Moza’s FFB equaliser.

For added convenience, you can save game configurations in the Moza Pit House app, saving you the hassle of reconfiguring your setup.

Featuring a convenient quick release, the Moza R21 wheelbase is compatible with all Moza wheels including the RS V2 and FSR.

Where to buy Moza R21 wheelbase

You can buy the Moza R21 direct drive wheelbase directly from Moza’s online store.

At the time of writing, the R21 is shipped within 12 business days, with estimated delivery in 7-12 business days after shipping.

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