Thrustmaster launches new Ferrari SF1000 wheel - Features, LED screen & more!

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Us sim racers are absolute suckers for new hardware, and it's easy to see why given recent innovations.

The latest company to join those ranks is Thrustmaster, launching the brand new Ferrari SF1000, an incredible looking wheel.

So, let's take a closer look now at the wheel and some of its incredibly advanced features!

The SF1000

One of the defining features of the new wheel is that it is an exact, gaming replica of the wheel that was in Ferrari's thousandth Grand Prix last year.

SF1000 1
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The attention to detail really helps the wheel standout, with an integrated LED screen (more on that later) and even being made from carbon fibre.

Hands down, the wheel would make an awesome addition to any setup. Now we're going to have a deeper dive into some of the features.

The screen

The standout feature for the wheel is the LED Screen, which is also a world premiere. The screen is 109mm in size, and is fully interactive.

SF1000 3
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There are two ways in which it can be connected also. This is either through Wi-Fi or natively through the wheel itself.

Through the screen you can display up to 69 separate pieces of information, and the 21 LEDs display engine speed and marshal flags.

Lucky players on PS4, PS5, and PC can experience native integration of this screen in F1 2020, and we assume F1 2021 when it launches also. Those on Xbox can set it up using the Thrustmaster TM Connect Web platform.

Faceplate, shifters, and base

Excitingly, the wheel even boasts a full carbon fibre faceplate, allowing for a lightweight wheel that boasts perfectly-balanced force feedback.

Sf1000 2
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The shifters are 100% aluminium, and can utilise either push/pull techniques or magnetic technologies to help avoid driving errors. There are even interchangeable shifters that are sold separately, the T-Chrono Paddles.

Finally, the wheel can be used on any of the Thrustmaster T-Series bases, excluding the T500RS. This makes the wheel compatible with TS-PC Racer, T-GT Servo Base, TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base and T300 Racing Wheel Servo Base.

Release date and price

The wheel launches on April 20 in Europe, May 18 in the APAC region and the rest of the world on August 26.

The wheel will set you back £329.99 and the T-Chrono Paddles for £54.99.

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