Thrustmaster T-GT II promises stunning performance on PS4 & PS5

After much teasing and a lot of high expectations, Thrustmaster has lifted the cover on their new T-GT II wheel.

So what is it, how has it improved, and most importantly how much does it cost!

Let's take a look...

Thrustmaster T-GT II

This is Thrustmaster's first wheel officially licensed for the PlayStation 5, which in itself is a terrific thing for racers.

A more advanced version of the T-GT, which first launched fours years ago, this wheel is designed to give you the best experience on Gran Turismo Sport, and of course the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, that you can have.

Thrustmaster T GT II
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IN ALL ITS GLORY: The new wheel looks set to give you the best GT experience possible

As with any wheel, there is a lot of technical talk in the descriptions and plenty of acronyms. So let's break it down.

What's new?

While the servo base looks just like the original T-GT, the internals are a little different. Thrustmaster has introduced T-DCC and T-RTF. Which means what?

T-DCC stands for Drift Curve Calculation, which simply put maintains responsiveness for the wheel and car under all in-game circumstances. Those moments where the car would go "light" can often get missed in a sim wheel, but not here. Now drivers can focus on making highly precise movements to always stay one step ahead, rather than reacting late.

GT Sport Suzuka
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FEEL THE RIDE: The T-GT II will give players their most precise understanding of Gran Turismo Sport to date

T-RTF stands for Real Time Force Feedback. This system reduces force feedback calculation times, again providing the opportunity for instant responses to slides, wide moments, and any contact in your race. Effects are managed by a built-in processor, meaning they don't depend on the game itself and absolutely nothing can get lost. Gamers can expect no deadzones or latency in the feedback.

The T-GT II also sees a big step forward in the pedal set. This is thanks to super high-quality components and an new and more precise brake pedal spring with better durability.

T-GT II Price

This is the big one when it comes to any sim racing gear. What's the price point?

The complete T-GT II set, that's the servo base, wheel, and pedals, checks in at £699.99 / $799.99 / €749.99.

GT Sport Gr. 3 3
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PURPOSE BUILT: Officially licensed for the PS5, the T-GT II looks set to raise the bar for Gran Turismo players

The base & wheel comes in at £599.99 / $699.99 / 649.99, while the servo base on its own is £449.99 / $549.99 / 499.99.

That's not cheap, but it is also far from the most expensive piece of sim racing kit on the market.

Release date

There is a staggered global release for the T-GT II. Europe (excluding Switzerland and Ukraine) can get the full T-GT II set from 23 June.

In the UK the fill set will be available from 1 September, and in the USA & Canada from 5 October. Anywhere else will have to wait until late 2021.

The base & wheel pack will be available in Q4 of 2021, as will the base only option.

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