Thrustmaster seems set to reveal a new wheel, is it a T-GT sequel?

It's quite a good year for sim racers when it comes to new wheel options. Not only have Thrustmaster introduced the fabulous Ferrari SF1000 Wheel add-on, a replica of the Formula 1 rim for sim racers, but Fanatec has opened pre-orderes for its new, more affordable CSL Direct Drive model.

Now it looks like another wheel option is about to hit the market.

Thrustmaster T-GT II

Thrustmaster's latest wheel, the T-GT II, has finally been announced.

This follows the wheel appearing on a number of shopping sites, including Amazon, boasting a $750 price tag on the online retailer.

We know that the wheel will offer a 'new-generation' 40W brushless motor, confirming the belt-feed force feedback suppositions that we had previously. Now, we simply have to wait until June 23rd for the wheel's full reveal.

Teasing it out

Thrustmaster has been dropping regular teases on social media in recent weeks. While early ones were tricky to desipher, the most recent one is much more clear.

thrustmaster new wheel
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The weeks of teases now seem to make sense, a new wheel is on its way from Thrustmaster.

The mention of 400 watts of peak power, the T-Turbo name and what was initially thought to be a pause button now clearly a Roman numeral 2 suggests a sequel to the T-GT wheel is on its way from Thrustmaster.

Fortunately we don't have long to wait as Thrustmaster give us 23 June as a date to circle!

What could the new wheel offer?

The current T-GT Servobase is a remarkable bit of kit and already offers 400 watt peak power, so what could a sequel bring to the table to entice people to upgrade?

In theory, a 400w power supply wheel should be able to handle 15nm max torque, which would make the wheel highly competitive. It would also be a figure nearly three times the current T-GT, and would certainly be a huge step forward from Thrustmaster.

We will just have to wait until 23 June to see what Thrustmaster has up their sleeve for us.

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