How Much Does an iRacing Setup Cost?

iRacing is one of the most expensive simulators on the market.

However, iRacing doesn't demand too much from your setup. As such, we're here to tell you how much an iRacing setup costs.

It's hard to give an exact number when it comes to PCs. But, that won't stop us from providing you with the most accurate numbers!

iRacing setup cost - the PC

In terms of your computer, iRacing does not ask much of you. As it has system requirements that are not hard to meet for most current generation computers. And we can try to estimate the price of the computer from the minimum required specs.

iRacing Damage
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A LOT OF DAMAGE: You may break your car, but you don't have to break the bank!

Using a PC price calculator tool, we can try to estimate the price point of the build. To run iRacing comfortably, meeting all the minimum (and some of the recommended requirements), you're looking around $400 - $600. This is not including a monitor though, which shouldn't be much more than $100 unless you're looking for something high-end.

You might be able to save up a bit by getting a laptop, but getting a desktop is recommended. It's easier to upgrade its parts and it ultimately has more longevity. A key point, however, is that if you are a gamer already, there's a very low likelihood you will need to upgrade your system at all!

The peripherals

A pretty cool feature of iRacing is that it supports all kinds of controllers. Wheels, joysticks, even console controllers are almost all supported by the game. The best thing about this feature is that it caters to nearly all the player base!

Logitech G923 iRacing Setup Cost
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THE REAL EXPERIENCE: With the impeccable realism of iRacing, it is natural many people will opt for wheels!

While you don't necessarily need a controller or wheel, playing with your keyboard is not really satisfactory or immersive. It's hard to control, and it takes away a lot of the excitement of pushing your car to its limits.

Consequently, players on a budget can pick up a console (or USB) controller for around $59.99, and get to racing! However, players who are looking to get the full experience can get a high-end wheel for upwards of $399.99. The options are plentiful and there is certainly an option for every racer out there.

Anyone Can Race

iRacing has done a great job of making sure their entire audience can get their hands on the game. And hence one of their slogans, "Anyone Can Race". Whether you're just looking to enjoy the game or trying to get the full professional racer experience, you can find both from the comfort of your desk! The only limit to how advanced your setup can be is your imagination while maintaining a relatively low price floor for enjoying the game!

Simulator Setup - iRacing Setup Cost
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ULTIMATE SIMULATION: There are no limits to how advanced your setup can be, to imitate the real racing experience!

So, all in all, if you're completely new to gaming and need a complete setup, you're looking to pay around $560 - $760. And you will always have the opportunity to upgrade your rig in order to get a better, fuller, experience of the best racing simulator on the market!

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