How To Get Into iRacing

The popular simulator has grabbed the attention of many racing fans around the globe.

But if you're not into gaming, it could be rather tedious to get into an advanced simulator such as iRacing. So, here's how to get into iRacing! We're here to make it simple for you!

What you need

As all games require, you need a setup! However, unlike many racing titles, iRacing is a PC exclusive game. This means that your consoles (even next-generation ones) do not offer it. The good news however is you don't need a very high-end gaming PC to make iRacing work!

iRacing Cockpit
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SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY: iRacing offers the best simulation for a racing game we've ever seen!

The system requirements for iRacing are not demanding at all. Nearly any modern computer can run it with relevant ease. However, if you have an old system, then you might require some updates. Are you unsure if your system can run iRacing? You can use the "Check my system" feature that the website offers! The only other thing you will need is a console controller, joystick, or wheel.

Now, this isn't to say that you can't get a better experience by having a better setup. You'd be running the game with more detailed graphics, as well as smoother frame rates. But that isn't a requirement. This is the case for the wheel too, as we know some of them are expensive, and almost any USB controller will do the job!

The iRacing membership

As you have probably already known before, to play iRacing, you need to subscribe to the membership. It's not like what games usually offer it's a subscription service, reminiscent of PS Plus. Buying the membership is all you need to get to the track! The membership comes with many perks.

Getting into iRacing
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UNITED IN RIVALRY: Although the racing competition can be fierce, the unity and support in it is unmatched!

Once you subscribe, you may now access the members' site that goes hand in hand with the game. It helps you access all the things you need to access. It's your hub that takes you to series, customisation, standings, and more.

While there are a lot more in-game purchases that are rather on the expensive side, such as $11.95 for each car. And each track can cost you up to $14.95! While they are rather pricey, they're not necessary at all! So all you need to pay to get racing is to pay for the membership monthly, and you're ready!

Get into iRacing!

Once your setup is ready, your game is downloaded and you're signed in, it's time to get started! Log in and get your controls figured out, calibrate your wheel if you opted in for that, and get going!

iRacing in game
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COMFORT CONTROL: iRacing gives you all the freedom to have the controls that simulate the real racing experience!

Once your controls are tailored to your liking, get to practising! And now you're all done and ready, and to take it to the tracks! Although we advise you to take each new track on a practice race before going into the official races! iRacing may be complex with its realistic gameplay, but its learning curve proves to be less daunting than you might think.

Have fun on the track! You're now all set to take it to the circuits. And don't forget to follow us for more information, news, and opinions on iRacing and other racing titles! Here at Racing Games!

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