How Does iRacing Work?

So you've downloaded the most popular racing simulator on the market! You've got the membership, but you're questioning, how does iRacing work? We know you're excited to take it to the tracks already, so fear not racer! We've got you covered!

Here's all you need to know about iRacing!

Setting up iRacing

As you probably already know that the gate leading you to the world of iRacing, is becoming a member of! Which might cost you a bit! Sign in, subscribe and you will now get access to the members exclusive website. Moreover, the website works hand in hand with the software. It's your HQ and what you will use for pretty much all the activities other than racing. This includes purchasing cars, enrolling in series, joining races, customisation options and so much more.

iRacing Home 2
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STREAMLINED ACCESSIBILITY: The iRacing dashboard provides ease of use with its smooth design.

After you sign in, go ahead and download the software and set it up. It's simple and easy to execute, and iRacing has compiled a video series on YouTube that guides you through! Now that you logged in, start your engines and get in for a test drive! This is your chance to get comfortable with the simulator!

Drive around, calibrate your wheel - if you're using one - and get ready to race!

How licenses in iRacing work

The license classes in iRacing work in a pretty simple way. Licenses are what basically show off how good of a driver you are! You start off with your Rookie license and work your way up! You can earn promotion to classes D to A, and if you prove yourself, even the Pro License class. The higher you go, the more race series you may join, iRacing offers you 40 in total!

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NEXT LEVEL: Take your racing to the next level and prove yourself with your license promotion!

Another measure of your skill is your safety rating as a driver in iRacing. It is a measure of how you race with precision and skill. The more you race steadily, and with fewer accidents, the higher your safety rating will go! And upon meeting certain requirements, you'll be on the way to promotion to the next class at the end of the season!

Each track in iRacing has 3 different modes. Practice races, which are just for you to test the track out with other drivers, and it doesn't affect any ratings. In addition, we have time trial, which helps you get a better feel for the track. And lastly we have the race sessions, which are the official races you've been practising for! It is worth mentioning that time trials are also official and affect your rating!

Pedal to the metal

Now that your game is set up, and you know how the game works, it's time to race! Your iRacing career has started and it's time to start your season. The world of iRacing is vast, and there is a lot to discover! The last step is to take it out to the track and duke it out with the other racers.

iracing gearing
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SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Do you have what it takes to get your Pro License?

When it comes to racing, iRacing is the most authentic simulator out there. And its reputation precedes it! Following even getting partnered with NASCAR, iRacing proves to be the racing game to replicate the accuracy of real racing. The game play is enthralling. What are you waiting for? Get to the racing!

And now you're all set! All you need now is a plan and you can get the show on the road. We advise you, with the complexity of iRacing, to practice for your series. Being comfortable in your car and on the track is key. So give it a few test laps before you dive into the competition. Good luck racer! Make sure to tune in for the latest iRacing news and takes, here at RacingGames!

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