How to Get Started in iRacing

So, you're a big fan of racing? And you want to get started in iRacing?

Then, you're in the perfect place! We're going to suit you up, and equip you with all you need to know!

Welcome to Racing Games! Here is all you need to get your engine going.

Setup to get started in iRacing

Firstly, you absolutely need your computer, as iRacing isn't supported on other platforms (for now)! You also need to make sure that your computer can run it. If you're new to the world of gaming, this can be obscure! So, we tailored a list of what you need for iRacing!

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GREENLIGHTS: You are a few steps away from getting on the roads of the beautiful game.

iRacing also has a tool that checks if your system can run the game. This is very helpful if you're new to PC gaming!

Moreover, once you make sure your system can run the game, you need a controller. You can use a keyboard but using a controller is much smoother. Also, your third option is using a wheel, which iRacing recommends for the best experience. There's plenty of wheels and controllers for you to check what suits you!

The iRacing membership subscription

Once all your hardware is ready, it's time to sign up to iRacing! To play, you need to subscribe monthly in order to play. These plans are quite expensive. The basic monthly subscription is 12.99$ usually, which is even more expensive than Netflix at 8.99$ at first glance.

Membership to Get Started in iRacing
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NEWBIE FRIENDLY: Deals for new players to encourage them to give iRacing a run for their money!

However, there's an important thing to note! iRacing conducts deals and plans which makes monthly subscriptions much cheaper.

At the moment, for starters, you can get each month for $7.80! However, if you purchase the year plan, you pay around $5.50 for each month, this leads it to be cheaper than it initially seems.

How iRacing works

Lastly, you need to know how iRacing works! After subscribing and getting going, it's time to race. Get ready to give it your best shot!

At this point, you'd be on the official members' site, where you join series and start seasons. Now you can start practice races, time trials, and of course, official races.

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ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP: You can be the next big name among the professionals in the world of iRacing!

Start racing, and get more and more experience. Climb through the ranks, and get your license promotions!

You start with a rookie license, and you can make it all the way up to your Pro License! But do you have what it takes to be among the best? Find out, as you dive into the world of iRacing!

For more news about iRacing and hot takes, stay tuned here at Racing Games!

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